We Bring You Customers

Clickdiver is a no-risk way of getting more work  and securing more customers.  Just list your  services on Clickdiver and a boat owner looking  for someone to clean their hull will select and pay for your services all online.  When you finish the job, payment is immediately deposited into your bank account – so no more mailing invoices, waiting for checks, or chasing late payments. And it costs nothing to list your services and start getting jobs.

Listing your services on Clickdiver is dead simple:

  1. Sign up and create a profile including name, logo, and your rates.
  2. Tell us which marinas you service and what days you are available for each marina.
  3. And that’s pretty much it! An email will be sent  to you when you are awarded a job with all the  details listed in your account.

More questions?  Read the FAQs, watch the videosee how it works, or email us

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