What is all about?

Clickdiver is all about helping you, the boat owner, find a reliable diver at the right price to clean your hull – all online, within minutes, and totally hassle free.

How does Clickdiver work?

Easy! All you need to do is jump on, tell us about your boat, where it is, and what day you would like it cleaned. Clickdiver will then show you a list of divers available to clean your boat. Just pick a diver, enter some credit card details, and then you’re done!

Who are the divers? Do they work for Clickdiver?

All the divers listed on Clickdiver are individual divers or companies that are offering their services through Clickdiver. They don’t actually work directly for Clickdiver.

How do I know if the diver is any good?

To help you pick the best diver for you, all divers listed on Clickdiver are rated and reviewed by other boat owners who have used that diver. You’ll also be able to see exactly how much each diver charges for what.

If I already have a diver that I like, can I just select them?

Yep! There is an option to select “I have a preferred diver” at the start. If you check this, you’ll be able to select your diver from a list of divers. Only dates for that diver will then be shown.

What if I want to use my own diver but they are not on the list?

Then invite them! Click on the “Your diver not listed” link, and you’ll have the option to invite your diver to join Clickdiver. We’ll also contact them and help them with the sign up process.

How about zincs? Can I get those changed?

No worries. You’ll have an option to tell the diver that you want your zincs changed if needed. You can even select whether you want to provide the zincs or if you want the diver to.

If I place an order, can I change it?

Why yes you can! You can either cancel your order completely or just change the date. If you do change your order though, you need to do it no later than 2 days before the original cleaning date – after all, we need to give the diver a little notice of the change.

How soon can I get my hull cleaned?

We like to give the divers a little bit of notice – about 2 days. So you won’t be able to place an order within 2 days of the current date.

Will my hull be cleaned on the exact day I ask for?

Divers will try their best to clean your hull on the exact day requested. However, you should plan on a bit of leeway – but no more than two days either side of your requested day.

Will the quoted amount be the final billed amount?

Most of the time, absolutely. However, if you have chosen to have your zincs changed, the final amount of the zinc will be added to the final bill as the diver can’t quote the zinc up front. Also, in most cases, divers will reserve the right to charge a little extra if there is unusually heavy growth on your boat.

My marina isn’t listed, now what?

Our goal is to have total US coverage but until then, one step at a time. If your marina isn’t listed, then please click on the “My marina isn’t listed” link and let us know - we’d love to bump your marina up the priority list! You can also check to see if we do cover your marina by clicking on the “The marinas” button near the bottom of the home page and then do a quick search for your marina.