Who We Are

  • Jo

    Jo Vaughn

    Growing up in England surrounded by water, I have a passion for water sports with kiteboarding being my latest challenge. However, I seem to spend most of my time with a face full of water rather than gliding along the surface. So keep an eye out for me bobbing around the bay!

  • Gary

    Gary Kaplan

    I have spent my life in, on, or near the water, which is quite likely due to my being a water sign. I have been a swimmer, oarsman, lifeguard, yacht and yachting supply salesman. I am a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and am presently restoring a 1939 classic motor cruiser.

  • Waz

    Waz Hewerdine

    Learning to sail on little dingies in Oz, I was never really very good at it - electing to spend more time capsized and in the water to stay cool than worrying about the finish line. I guess that’s how I ended up getting into scuba diving now I think about it...